Austinsuite Tall Boy


Upcycled Mid Century modern Tall Boy cabinet vintage furniture statement piece with stunning custom Formica Orange Tip butterfly design

/// A 1950s original mid century modern Tall Boy chest of drawers, including cupboard with shelf and two full-width drawers, restored and upcycled with a bespoke and striking Orange Tip butterfly design using Formica® laminate by Mike Temple Furniture Design to create this one-of-a-kind statement piece of furniture. The vibrant orange, creamy white and dark chocolate tones of the butterfly are complemented by a gorgeous teal and jade background.

/// The drawers and doors are constructed with oak and the cabinet is finished with oak veneer, and the build quality and materials are of a high quality. This piece of furniture has been lovingly restored and reimagined, however although every effort has been made to restore the item to its original condition, it may bear some of the scars of a life already lived. This item is finished with multiple coats of Danish Oil to bring out the grain, protect the wood and give a pleasing warm tone.

/// Custom designed Formica® laminate has been laser cut before being applied to the door and drawer fronts revealing the wood beneath to create a unique item of mid-century modern vintage retro furniture.

/// This hugely desirable Tall Boy, would bring a touch of classic mid century modern style to any interior space. As with all Mike Temple Furniture Design pieces, this item is a one-off, so if you would like it to grace your home you'd better be quick!

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions132 × 84 × 46 cm

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