Lebus Single Wardrobe


Mid century modern single wardrobe upcycled with bespoke grey Formica Scots Pine tree design

/// Mid Century modern Harris Lebus single wardrobe upcycled with an evocative and dramatic custom design in Glacier grey Formica. The design is inspired by the countryside which surrounds my workshop in Devon and features a stand of Scots Pine trees with the familiar silhouette of a buzzard circling above. This versatile piece of grey furniture has a shelf with hanging rail beneath and a delightful period brass handle.

/// This piece of furniture has been lovingly restored and reimagined, however although every effort has been made to restore the item to its original condition, it may bear some of the scars of a life already lived. This item is finished with multiple coats of Danish Oil to bring out the grain, protect the wood and give a pleasing warm tone. Custom designed Formica laser cut then applied to the door revealing the polished wood beneath to create a unique and desirable piece of mid-century modern vintage furniture.

/// This classic mid century modern statement piece is now ready for delivery. There's only one, so if you want it in your home better be quick!

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions185 × 72 × 56 cm

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